Remote Care Outsourcing

All remote care contracts are on a Time and Cost outsourcing basis. Remote Care provides support services using dedicated Progeni staff to support customers on an "as needed" basis. Progeni professionals work from our offices in Atlanta, using Internet and other communication options, to provide the service at an affordable price. Remote care services are paid for in advance and therefore locked into the current service rate (like a reverse revolving line of credit account) to be used as and when desired by the customer.

Types of Services
  • Support for current applications
  • Enhancement development support
  • Staff augmentation for development
  • Technical documentation of applications
  • Assistance with Progeni software upgrades

Benefits of the Remote Care Plan
  • Reduced maintenance backlog
  • Increased end-user department satisfaction
  • Frees in-house staff
  • Turn on, turn off advantage
  • No employee overhead costs for benefits, taxes, equipment & supplies

Progeni specialists are available to visit customer sites if requested but do not require customers to provide a permanent workspace, technical environment and other associated human resource costs. Meeting minutes, project notes and deliverables can be provided via the web in a number of formats to ensure a customer's security requirements are met. This local access, regular dialog and face to face time when needed, is a valued benefit of the remote care approach. Our customers also find the prepaid remote care services invaluable in their IT budgeting process.

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